Affordable Green Energy & Solar Panels

solar panels

Affordable green energy

Thanks to the surge in Global Warming awareness there has been a dramatic increase in the creation of affordable ‘green energy’ products. These products vary from solar panels to wind farms and can utilise many different natural, renewable sources. This technology can also be used on an industrial or domestic scale, and more and more homes are now fitted with solar panels.

Benefits of solar panels

Solar panels not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce the electrical bills of the building on which they are incorporated. The price of having solar panels installed can vary depending on a number of variables; for instance, a large, old house will cost more than a newer build due to the age of the materials used in the building, and as the house will almost certainly need some rewiring work completed beforehand. However, regardless of the original cost, the expenditure is recouped – on average – within four years of installation.